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Get 25GB of Origin Storage Free!

Deliver the best possible experiences with the ultimate storage solution for content delivery.

Limelight’s obsession with helping our customers deliver exceptional experiences to their customers translates into continual technology innovation. The latest manifestation of that commitment? Limelight Origin Storage Services, an intelligent storage solution that will enable you to deliver content better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Just how fast is Limelight's storage? From January 1 to March 23, 2017, public data from independent real user measurement solution Cedexis shows Limelight Origin Storage is 92 percent faster on average than cloud storage offerings. And, internal Limelight testing has shown performance improvements of up to 200 percent for specific customer workflows.

And now, new and existing Limelight customers* can get 25GB of this powerful content delivery accelerator free!

Limelight Origin Storage Services is a distributed object-based storage system, which is tightly integrated with the Limelight private content delivery network (CDN) and optimized for content delivery. It provides superior performance for CDN workflows including video-on demand, file distribution, gaming delivery, and web acceleration.

Plus, Limelight Origin Storage Services is multi-CDN capable and can serve as the primary or backup origin for any delivery service or CDN, regardless of the location and size of the content library.

You’ll find a lot more information about Limelight Origin Storage Services on our website. You can also download the data sheet.

To learn how you can receive 25GB of Limelight Origin Storage free, contact your local office or just complete this form and someone will be in touch with you right away.
To learn how you can receive 25GB of Limelight Origin Storage for free, just complete this form.